CV: Izzy Jayasinghe

Updated 05/05/2020

Academic qualifications and accreditations

  • 2011 – Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology (Department of Physiology, University of Auckland, New Zealand), awarded on 04/05/2011 for research thesis entitled “Resolving the Structural Basis of Cardiac Excitation-Contraction Coupling”.
  • 2007 – Bachelor of Science (Biomedical) – First class honours majoring in Cardiovascular Biology, awarded on 07/05/2007 (Faculty of Science, University of Auckland)
  • 2018  -Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.  Accreditation as a higher education provider approved by the UK Professional Standards Framework awarded on 15/03/2018

Peer-reviewed journal articles

total citations: 1044; h-index: 16 on Google Scholar.

Published or accepted into publication:

  1. Colman, M.A., Holmes. M., Whittaker, D., Jayasinghe, I., Benson, A.. Multi-scale approaches for the simulation of cardiac electrophysiology: I – sub-cellular and stochastic calcium dynamics from cell to organ. Methods. 2020. Accepted into publication.
  2. Sheard, T.M.D., Hurley, E., White, E., Colyer, J., Norman, R., Pervolaraki, E., Narayanasamy, K., Hou, Y., Kirton, H., Yang, Z., Hunter, L., Shim, J., Clowsley, A.H., Smith, A.J., Baddeley, D., Soeller, C., Colman, M.A., Jayasinghe, I.; Three-dimensional and chemical mapping of intracellular signalling nanodomains in health and disease with enhanced expansion microscopy. ACS Nano. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.8b08742 (Impact factor 13.7)
  3. Miteva, K.T., Pedicini, L., Wilson., L.A., Jayasinghe, I., Marszalek, K., Gaunt, H., Deivasigamani, S., Sobradillo, D., Beech, D.J. and McKeown, L.. A; Ca2+– regulated G protein (Rab46) couples physiological stimuli to functional Weibel Palade body cargo trafficking. J Cell Biol, DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201810118 (IF: 8.7)
  4. Jayasinghe, I.*, Clowsley, A.H.*, Green, E., Harrison, C., Lutz, T.,Baddeley, D., di Michele, L., Soeller, C. True molecular scale visualisation of variable clustering properties of ryanodine receptors. Cell Reports. 2018; 22(2) 557-567. * Equal contributors (IF: 8.032)
  5. Jayasinghe, I., Clowsley, A.H., Sali, S., Crossman, D.J., Soeller, C. Shining new light on the structural determinants of cardiac couplon function. Frontiers in Physiology; 2018; 9: 1472. (IF: 4.134)
  6. Cully, T.R., Murphy, R.M., Roberts, L., Raastad, T., Fassett, R., Coombes, J.S., Jayasinghe, I.D., Launikonis, B.S. The plasmalemma of human skeletal muscle alters its structure to change its Ca2+ handling in response to heavy-load resistance exercise. Nature Communications. 2017; 8: 14266 (IF: 12.35)
  7. Lin, R., Clowsley, A.H., Jayasinghe, I.D., Baddeley, D., Soeller, C.. Algorithmic corrections for localization microscopy with sCMOS cameras-characterisation of a computationally efficient localization approach. Optics Express. 2017; 25 (10), 11701-11716 (IF: 3.356)
  8. Crossman, D.J., Jayasinghe, I.D. Soeller, C. T-tubule remodelling: a cellular pathology driven by both sides of the plasmalemma. Biophysical Reviews. 2017; 9(6), 919-929. (IF: 0.82)
  9. Munro, M.L., Jayasinghe, I.D., Wang, Q., Quick, A., Wang, W., Baddeley, D., Wehrens, X.H.T., Soeller, C. The role of Junctophilin-2 in the nanoscale organisation and functional gating of ryanodine receptor clusters in murine cardiomyocytes. Journal of Cell Sc2016; 29(23):4388-4398 (IF: 4.431)
  10. *Hou, Y., *Jayasinghe, I.D., Crossman, D.J., Baddeley, D., Soeller, C. Nanoscale analysis of ryanodine receptor clusters in dyadic couplings of rat cardiac myocytes. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiol 2015; 80 (1): 45-55. * Equal contributors (IF: 5.68)
  11. Crossman, D.J., Hou, Y., Jayasinghe, I.D., Baddeley, D., Soeller, C. Combining confocal and single molecule localisation microscopy: A correlative approach to multi-scale tissue imaging. Methods. 2015; 88, 98-108 (IF: 3.503)
  12. Jayasinghe, I.D., Clowsley, A., Hou, Y., Munro, M., Crossman, D.J., Soeller, C. Revealing t-tubules in striated muscle with new optical super-resolution microscopy techniques. European Journal of Translational Myology. 2015; 25 (1): 15-26. (IF: 3.11)
  13. Jayasinghe, I.D., Munro, M., Baddeley, D., Launikonis, B.S., Soeller, C. Observation of the molecular organization of calcium release sites in fast- and slow-twitch skeletal muscle with nanoscale imaging. Journal of Royal Society Interface. 2014. 11(99) pii: 20140570 (IF: 3.356)
  14. Hou, Y., Crossman, D.J. … Jayasinghe, I.D., Soeller, C. Super-resolution fluorescence imaging to study cardiac biophysics: α-actinin distribution and z-disk topologies in optically thick cardiac tissue slices. Progress in Biophysics & Molecular Biology. 115 (2-3): 328–339. (IF: 3.375)
  15. Jayasinghe I.D., Launikonis B.S. Three-dimensional reconstruction and analysis of the tubular system of vertebrate skeletal muscle. Journal of Cell Sc 2013. 126(17). 4048-58. (IF: 4.18)
  16. Jayasinghe I.D., Lo H.P., Morgan G.P., Baddeley D., Parton R.G., Soeller C., Launikonis B. Examination of the sub-sarcolemmal tubular system of mammalian skeletal muscle fibres. Biophysical Journal. 104 (11): L-19-2 (IF: 3.495)
  17. Jayasinghe I.D., Baddeley D., Kong C.H-T., Wehrens, X.T., Cannell M.B., Soeller C.. Nanoscale organization of junctophilin-2 and ryanodine receptors within peripheral couplings of rat ventricular cardiomyocytes. Biophysical Journal. 102 (5): L19-21. (IF: 3.495)
  18. Jayasinghe I.D., Crossman D.J., Soeller C., Cannell M.B. Comparison of the organization of t-tubules, sarcoplasmic reticulum and ryanodine receptors in rat and human ventricular myocardium Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol. 2012. 39 (5):469-76. (IF: 4.125)
  19. Baddeley, D., Crossman, D.J., Rossberger, S., Cheyne, J., Montgomery, J., Jayasinghe, I.D., Cremer, C., Cannell, M.B., Soeller, C. 4D super-resolution microscopy with conventional fluorophores and single wavelength excitation in optically thick cells and tissues. PLoS One 2011; 6(5): e20645. (IF: 2.766)
  20. Jayasinghe, I.D., Crossman, D.J., Soeller, C., Cannell, M.B. A new twist in cardiac muscle: dislocated and helicoid arrangements of myofibrillar z-disks in mammalian ventricular myocytes. Journal of Molecular & Cellular Cardiol 2010; 48 (5): 964-971. (IF: 5.68)
  21. Baddeley, D., Jayasinghe, I.D., Lam, L., Rossberger, S., Cannell, M.B., Soeller, C. Optical single-channel resolution imaging of the ryanodine receptor distribution in rat cardiac myocytes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009; 106 (52): 22275-80. (IF: 9.504)
  22. Jayasinghe, I.D., Cannell, M.B., Soeller, C. Organization of ryanodine receptors, transverse tubules and sodium-calcium exchanger in rat myocytes. Biophysical Journal 2009; 97: 2664-73. (IF: 3.495)
  23. Baddeley, D., Jayasinghe, I.D.., Cremer, C., Cannell, M. B., Soeller, C. Light-induced dark states of organic fluochromes enable 30 nm resolution imaging in standard media. Biophysical Journal 2009, 96, L22-24. (IF: 3.495)
  24. Soeller, C., Jayasinghe, I.D., Li, P., Holden, A., Cannell, M.B. Three-dimensional high-resolution imaging of cardiac proteins to construct models of intracellular Ca2+ signalling in rat ventricular myocytes. Experimental Physiology 2009; 94 (5): 496-508. (IF: 3.495)

Invited book chapters (selected)

  • Jayasinghe, I., Clowsley, A. & Soeller, C. Advances in the visualisation of molecular assemblies within cellular signalling nanodomains: insights from a decade of mapping of ryanodine receptor clusters; In Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly; vol 28. 2018
  • Soeller, C. & Jayasinghe, I.D. Quantitative super-resolution microscopy of cardiomyocytes. In press in Microscopy of the Heart series by Springer Publishing group; edited by Dr Lars Kaestner & Prof Peter Lipp.
  • Soeller, C., Hou, Y., Jayasinghe I.D., Baddeley, D., Crossman, D.. Correlative single molecule localisation microscopy and confocal microscopy. In Super-resolution microscopy: methods & protocols: Methods in Molecular Biology pg 205-217. 2017 Springer Sciences.

Employment history

May 2020 – onwards – Senior Lecturer & UKRI Future Leader Fellow, Dept of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, The University of Sheffield.

August 2015 – April 2020 –Lecturer in Cardiovascular Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Leeds. Principal Investigator See staff profile.

August 2013 – August 2015 – Associate research fellow (full-time), College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter (UK)

June 2011 – July 2013 – Post-doctoral research fellow (full-time), School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland (Australia)

September 2010 – June 2011 – Assistant research fellow (full-time), in the Department of Physiology, University of Auckland (New Zealand)

Competitive / external research grants and fellowships (selected)


*2020     UK Research and Innovation Future Leader Fellowship. “Taking super resolution microscopy beyond the laboratory” MR/S03241X/1. Duration 6-years (Jan 2020-Dec 2025). fEC for first 4 years £1.13m. PI: Jayasinghe.

2019-2020     Integrated Biological Imaging Network pump-priming project grant. “High-speed 3D Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging of Force in Cardiomyocytes” Duration 6-months (Sep 2019- Feb2020). fEC £28k). PI: Simon Ameer-Beg; Co-I: Caroline Müllenbroich, Izzy Jayasinghe.

2019-2020      Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council 18alert Mid-range Equipment initiative. BB/S019464/1 “Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy (STED) for imaging at high resolution in the Biosciences” (£719k) Principal Investigator: Peckham, Co-Investigators: Jayasinghe, Beech, Stonehouse, Ponnambalam, Johnson

2018-2019      British Heart Foundation project grant “Cavins – mobile regulators of adrenoceptor signalling” (£128k; 24 months) PI: Calaghan, Co-I: Jayasinghe, White, Colyer

2017      Wellcome Trust Seed Award “Harnessing the molecular-scale resolution of DNA-PAINT to study the structural basis of electrical signals of the healthy and arrhythmic hearts” (£100k; 24 months;). PI: Jayasinghe

2017-2020      British Heart Foundation project grant “The role of Ca2+ signalling in the regulation of Weibel Palade Body trafficking” (£161k; 36 months;). PI: McKeown, Co-I: Jayasinghe, Beech

2016       Royal Society Research Grant “Nanoscale biochemical quantification of the loss mechanisms of membrane tethers in pathological membrane remodelling of cardiac muscle cells” (£14.9k; 18 months;). PI: Jayasinghe

2016*      Medical Research Council of UK 4-year doctoral studentship from competition funding for project titled “Shining light on the molecular scale remodelling in a heart’s path to failure” (£76k; 4 years; commencing in Oct 2016). PI: Jayasinghe, Co-Is: Andrew Smith, John Colyer

2015       British Heart Foundation grant “Cavins: mobile regulators of β-adrenoceptor signalling in the cardiac cell” (£227k; 3 years; £10k in research funds and a postdoc for Jayasinghe for 12 months). PI: Fuller, Co-Is: Calaghan, Jayasinghe

2015       Research fellowship with the University of Exeter, funded through competitive recruitment by the Wellcome Trust UK, Institutional Strategic Support Fund; “New super-resolution microscopy approaches to imaging optically thick samples” (salary of £34k pa for 3 years; forfeited to accept current lectureship). PI: Jayasinghe

Activities on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

Please see my CV on EDI here.

Other Honours, awards and scholarships (selected)

2020     Nominated for the National Diversity Awards 2020 (as “positive role model” – LGBTQ)

2019       Departmental (School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Leeds) nominee towards the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists in Life Sciences

2019       Cairn Research ‘New & Notable’ award at the 27th Northern Cardiovascular Research Group meeting, UK

2018       Nominated for Medal in Life Sciences, Royal Microscopical Society

2012       Gordon Research Conference (Excitation-Contraction Coupling) ECR travel award (US $500)

2012       PI of University of Queensland New Staff Start-up Competition Grant (AU $12k)

2011       University of Auckland Vice Chancellor’s prize for the ‘Best Doctoral Thesis’ of 2010 (NZ $6k)

2010       Hubbard memorial prize for 2010 awarded by the Physiological Society of New Zealand for excellence in studies towards a PhD in Physiology

2010       Early thesis submission award for doctoral studies at the University of Auckland (NZ $6k)

2008       Winner of the annual scientific image competition organised by the Biomedical Imaging Research Unit in the University of Auckland

2007       Senior scholarship for 36 months from the Auckland Medical Research Foundation -AMRF- (NZ $97k)

2007       Health Research Doctoral scholarship for 42 months from the University of Auckland (NZ $87.5k)

2007       Lottery Health research PhD scholarship for 36 months (NZ $72k; forfeited to accept AMRF offer)

2007       Prime Minister’s Top Achiever doctoral scholarship for 36 months from the Tertiary Education Commission (NZ $96k; forfeited to accept AMRF offer)

2007       Student presentation prize at the Australian Physiological Society congress held in Newcastle, Australia.

2005       Senior prize in Physiology for undergraduate studies in the Department of Physiology, University of Auckland

2002       Winner in Senior Physics and of the Junior Scientist award of the Faculty of Science (University of Auckland) at the 2002 NIWA Auckland Science Fair (NZ $1,000)

Invited presentations & seminars

* invited talks

*I.Jayasinghe; Towards ultra-super-resolution: DNA-PAINT; Bio-X conference for GW4 universities, 2015, Bath, UK. (Invited by Chris Pudney)
*I. Jayasinghe; A modelling approach to test the true resolution in immunofluorescence super-resolution images; The North-of-England Super Resolution Imaging Symposium, 2016, Leeds, UK. (Invited by Michelle Peckham)
*I.Jayasinghe; Towards ultra-super-resolution: DNA-PAINT; Molecular and Nanoscale Physics Seminar series, 2016, Leeds, UK. (Invited by Stephen Evans)
*I.Jayasinghe; Ultra-super-resolution imaging in optically-thick cell-types. School of Molecular and Cell Biology seminar series, 2016, Leeds, UK. (Invited by Ron Chen)
*I. Jayasinghe; DNA-PAINT imaging of the cardiac ryanodine receptors. Department of Physiology seminar series, University of Auckland, 2016, Auckland, New Zealand (Invited by David Crossman)
*I. Jayasinghe; Observation of the nanoscale molecular organization of calcium release sites in skeletal muscle;  Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council’s Future Biophotonics conference, 2016; Exeter, UK (invited by Julian Moger)
I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, C. Soeller. True-molecular scale resolution in visualising protein clustering and new complexities in nanodomain-level regulation. SMLMS symposium, 2017, King’s College London.
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, C.Soeller; DNA-PAINT for resolving co-clustering properties of signalling proteins within intracellular nanodomains of the heart. Institute of Physics workshop on Self-Assembly, Recognition and Applications, 2017; Lincoln University, UK (invited by Dr Matteo Castronovo)
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, C.Soeller. Adaptation of quantitative localisation microscopy for imaging optically-thick tissues”; Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium annual conference, 2018; University of Edinburgh, UK. (Invited by Ann Wheeler)
I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, C. Soeller. True-molecular scale resolution in visualising single proteins in the heart, LGBT-STEMinar, 2018, University of York, York, UK.
*I. Jayasinghe, To resolve or be resolved. LGBT-STEM day, Invited keynote speaker, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, 2018. Brighton, UK. (Invited by Dr Katy Petherick)
*I. Jayasinghe, T.M.D. Sheard, M.A. Colman; 3D in situ mapping of ion channels phosphorylation within intracellular nanodomains”; Biophotonics & Biomedical Microscopy – Enlighten Conference, 2018. Coventry, UK (Invited by Dr Brian Patton)
*I. Jayasinghe; Quest for molecular-scale resolution; Out Thinkers, 2018, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK. (Invited by Jost Migenda)
*I. Jayasinghe; Finding solace in STEM; Invited plenary speaker; LGBT-STEMinar, 2019, Institute of Physics, London, UK. (Invited by Dr Angela Townsend)
*I. Jayasinghe, T.M.D. Sheard, M.A. Colman; Spatial and biochemical mapping of cardiac nanodomains at single channel resolution”; Physics of Life consortium, 2019; University of York, UK (invited by Agnes Noy)
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, T.M.D. Sheard, K.K. Narayanasamy et al. ; The next generation of super-resolution microscopy tools, 2019 Biomedical Physics consortium, University of Strathclyde (invited by Prof Gail McConnell)
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, T.M.D. Sheard, K.K. Narayanasamy et al. “The new frontiers of optical microscopy tools for studying molecular-scale cardiac structure and function” invited ‘New & Notable Prize and plenary talk at the Northern Cardiovascular Research Group annual meeting, Leeds, 2019 (Invited by Organiser Dr Hannah Kirton)
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, T.M.D. Sheard, K.K. Narayanasamy et al.; “The next generation of super-resolution microscopy tools”, 2019, Optical Physics Group, University of Nottingham (invited by Prof Matt Clark)
T.M.D. Sheard et al. & I. Jayasinghe; “Enhanced expansion microscopy allows three-dimensional and biochemical mapping of intracellular signalling nanodomains at single channel resolution”, European Muscle Conference 2019
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, T.M.D. Sheard, K.K. Narayanasamy et al.; “Developing the next generation of super-resolution microscopy tools”, 2019, IMAGINE Sheffield & the Department of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, University of Sheffield (invited by Prof Simon Foster).
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, T.M.D. Sheard, K.K. Narayanasamy et al.; “Developing the next generation of super-resolution microscopy tools for visualising single protein level of organisation and function”, 2019, Molecular Cell Function Division seminar series, University of Manchester (invited by Prof Philip Woodman).
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, T.M.D. Sheard, K.K. Narayanasamy et al. “Refining super-resolution microscopy: lessons learnt from imaging intracellular signalling nanodomains”, 2019, Cavendish inspiring Womxn (invited by Akhila Kadgathur Jayaram)
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, T.M.D. Sheard, K.K. Narayanasamy et al. “Adaptations of the next generation of super-resolution microscopy: lessons learnt from imaging intracellular signalling nanodomains”, 2019, Chemical & Physical Society, University College London (invited by Chiara Argenti, CPL co-secretary)
*I. Jayasinghe, A.H. Clowsley, T.M.D. Sheard et al. “Advancing super-resolution analyses of
protein clustering with DNA-PAINT and ExM”. Keynote talk at Liverpool Imaging Symposium (invited by Jennifer Adcott, Centre for Cellular Imaging, University of Liverpool).